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Week 3 - W/E 20th January

In English this week, we began writing our Discussion texts. We began with our introductions, explaining what a zoo is and why it is important to write about them. We thought carefully about what we had learnt about endangered animals and tried to include this in our text. We wrote, in paragraphs, arguments for zoos with an emphasis on how zoos benefit the animals and against zoos using rhetorical questions as a powerful tool to make the reader think.

On Friday, we began work linked to our new text, Bill’s New Frock by Anne Fine. We thought about what a ‘stereotype’ is and made mind maps to define a stereotypical girl or boy. We will be using this text to help us to address stereotypes and there will be lots of interesting discussion as we work our way through the text.


In Maths, we have been learning how to add and subtract using a written method. We applied our knowledge to solving word problems and understanding the different vocabulary in word problems. We sorted words such as ‘greater than’, ‘reduce’, ‘total’ into addition or subtraction and this has been really useful in helping us to solve the word problems. Once we were able to do this, we gained a better understanding of how to use the inverse operation to check our answers. We all thought this was a clever trick and will be using this to check our answers in the future!

On Friday we carried out two number investigations. The first involved the properties of numbers from 1 – 24. We took turns placing a number card on properties such as prime number, square number, multiple of 5 and even number. The winner was the person who had the fewest cards when all of the spaces had been covered. For the second activity we had to generate all the numbers from 1 to 20 but only using the number 4, +, -, x and ÷ . It was quite a challenge and some of us are going to try and work out all of the answers at home.


In History, we have been learning about the plague doctor. We thought he looked a little bit scary and we learnt about his uniform and why he dressed the way he did. We also learnt about some very unusual cures and ways to prevent the plague. Did you know that in 1665, some people wore a dead toad as a lucky charm?


On Tuesday, some children in Year 4 were able to go to Queens’ School to take part in an athletic competition. We came second place and can’t wait to go to the finals! Those of us that stayed behind had our own athletics competition, with a number of team games.


In our PSHE time we have continued to discuss respect and kindness. We came up with ideas about how we could demonstrate respect and designed posters and leaflets.

1-24 Number Properties Investigation

1-24 Number Properties Investigation 1