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Week 4 - 13th March

In English this week, we continued to use Private Peaceful as our stimulus. We used the ITAF alongside Private Peaceful to help us to understand how to use the different criteria to improve our writing. To start with, we looked at how Michael Morpurgo uses cohesive devices to link his sentences and paragraphs and discussed how we could use these in our own writing. Having studied his cohesive devices, we looked at Morpurgo’s sentence structure and the different types of sentences he uses. We finished the week by looking at the uses of semi-colons and colons and edited Morpurgo’s sentences to include them.


Next week, we will study newspaper reports (recounts) as we start to write our own newspaper reports about the outbreak of World War One.


In Maths this week, we turned our attentions to long multiplication. We reminded ourselves of the process and then set about using the method to solve a range of different word problems. We finished the week by looking at using the four operations and fractions. The phrase of the week for dividing fractions is keep, change, flip.


Next week, we will be returning to long division and using it solve a range of word problems.

Alongside Maths and English this week, we took part in our first Fitter Future ‘workout’ during our P.E. lesson. A fantastic activity to boost the children’s fitness and wellbeing and help them release some tension from the week’s learning. We will be combining our topic Yoga with Fitter Future workouts over the next few weeks. A special mention must go to Mr Lazzara, and his dance lessons. When dance is mentioned the usual groans and moans from the boys appear but this half term the children have been incredibly motivated and have been producing some fantastic dance routines. We will try and post some of the videos so you can see them.


Next Tuesday is World Poetry Day and poetry will be our focus for the day. In keeping with our theme, we will be looking at World War One poetry and writing our own poems. If you have any spare time this weekend have a look at some different World War One poems in preparation.