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Week 4 - 23rd January

Algebra this week has continued to be the focus in maths and the children have looked at finding a missing number, represented as a letter, in many different ways. An investigation, using matchstick, proved popular with some, but troublesome for others. However, as is the common trait in M6, the children persevered and became triumphant, recognising patterns and using this to create a formula.

Today the children extended and supported their knowledge of algebra by playing a board game in three different ways. Much fun was had by all and rich learning and applying of skills took place.


Our book, Varmints, is still going strong, with the children having to choose, for the varmint, whether to stay or leave the city. This has proved a thought-provoking task as reality of life in the city or in the countryside, for a varmint, has encouraged them to think about making decisions and just how difficult this can be. A technique used this week was conscience alley. The children choose their stance, stay or leave, and then had to justify their thinking, standing on opposite sides in lines. This proved an exciting and powerful tool in eliciting opinions. I always feel so proud of the children for sticking to their guns, even when they have strong arguments against them. No easy feat for anyone, but they carried it out with sincerity, honesty and with some awesome arguments.


Science continues with us thinking about how wonderful our bodies are. We as adults may not be so enamoured, but the children love to test themselves! As many of you know, we are taking part in a series of national experiment with the BBC and our data, along with many other schools, has been sent in to create a ‘bigger picture’. This week’s experiment was to test taste. The children put a small amount of blue food colouring on their tongue and the others in the group had to count the fungiform papillae (pink bumps on the tongue) to work out if they are supertasters or not! After counting, checking and averaging the score, data was collected. On Tuesday we will tune in at 11am to BBC, live lessons to see the results and to see if our school is mentioned. We are taking part in several investigations, so at some point, are looking forward to our year 6 data being used online.


Table tennis this week was fun, with the children honing their accuracy skills by aiming their shots on to a piece of A4 paper, after they have hit it several times, they fold it to reduce it in size. This therefore, encourages accuracy and builds up resilience and perseverance. Great skills to improve, whilst enjoying being active.