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Week 4 - 23rd January

Where do the weeks go? I can’t believe another one is done. Seemed like only last Friday I was writing last week’s class update ; ). Again, we’ve managed to pack plenty into this one!


In English, we continued our work on persuasive writing using ‘The Varmint’ as our stimulus. We started the week, by planning a class debate. Our topic was ‘The varmint should stop thinking and accept the changes as a sign of positive progress’. As a class, we split into different groups and focused on different areas of the varmint’s new life. The groups either argued for or against and our focuses were ‘industry and economy’, ‘the environment’ and ‘wildlife’. Each group had to plan and think about what were their most persuasive arguments and then write their own speeches. After our speech writing, we looked at protest movements and how they used persuasion. Luckily, there have been plenty of peaceful protests taking place all over the world for us to concentrate on. Thanks, Mr Trump! Having looked at different protests, we decided to create our own Twitter protest movement, in support of the varmint. The children created their own ‘Twitter’ timelines and tweeted about the plight of the varmint. We finished the week by writing persuasive letters to the varmint. As we learnt from the book and film, the varmint plans to leave the decimated Earth behind and we had to write him a letter either convincing him to stay or leave the planet.


Next week, we will be completing our half termly assessments and holding another debate about the varmint.


In Maths this week, we continued to investigate algebra and formulae. We spent a challenging, but useful, lesson using formulae to find the nth term. We started with a match stick diagram of a house and then added another diagram to it using 1 less match stick. The children had to work out what the rule was and then write their own formula to find the nth term. After solving the first challenge, the children went on to find the rules and formulae for a range of different match stick diagrams. We finished the week by putting our algebraic skills to the test in the form of games. The children played and evaluated the games.


Next week, we will be completing our half termly assessments in Maths and starting our new topic.


On Wednesday afternoon, the children took part in a Science investigation for the BBC. This is a monthly investigation that children from across the country will take part in and the results will be shared in a live show each month. This month’s investigation was to test whether the children were non-tasters, tasters or super tasters. Each of us had to use blue food dye to ‘paint’ the front third of our tongue. Then, place a piece of card with a small hole on our tongue and have our …. or pink bumps counted. This produced some interesting results from 1 to 27 pink bumps, meaning we have a range of non-tasters, tasters and super tasters in the class.


Next Tuesday, we will watch the live show and find out how the rest of the country got on.