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Week 4 - 26th September

We have had another really busy week in M4 this week! After our very successful Enterprise Week, we were back to our usual curriculum.


In English, we have continued our work on non – chronological reports. Following our Wildlife Walk last week, we used the iPads to research an animal found in the British countryside. Our research included facts on foxes, badgers, squirrels, bats, grass snakes and rabbits. Having collected our information, we went on to use it to write the introduction and information paragraphs for our own non-chronological reports. We will be finishing these next week before starting our new English unit of work, which is Poetry.


In Maths, we have been working on mentally adding and subtracting pairs of numbers using jottings to aid us. We looked at a range of strategies including partitioning, doubling, counting on and using known facts.

Next week we are continuing our calculation work; moving on to adding and subtracting 3 and 4-digit numbers.


In our final two Geography sessions, we found out about different map projections and how time zones vary around the world. We compared the Mercator and Peters maps and found out that the Mercator map, produced in 1596, was made to help sailors navigate on their voyages. The Peters map gives a more accurate representation of the size of countries in relation to each other.


We are all continuing to work hard to earn Achievement Points and are excited to find out if there is a ‘Star of the Day’ at the end of each afternoon.  It’s not long now until the end of half term, when we will have our first Class Reward. We chose to have a Gadget Day. We will be allowed, with parents’ permission, to bring our gadgets in to school to play with one afternoon near the end of half term.