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Week 4 - 26th September

In English this week our children have been working on reports. They initially watched a simple silent movie with musical accompaniment and then discussed a potential plot. The discussion that followed and subsequent presentation by small groups, to relay their theory, was amazing. The children’s attention to detail, gathered from the film, and surmised was great to see. Using this knowledge the children went on to create a police report.

Maths this week has continued with the theme of place value. The children were plotting on a number line a wide range of numbers, from 6 digit numbers, fractions to decimals.

In Science this week, the children were investigating a crime scene which mysteriously appeared in the playground. The children learned how to process a crime scene, sketching it and measuring the distance from two fixed points to establish the exact location of each piece of evidence. Having found an unidentified white floury substance near the victim, we used comparative testing observing the physical and chemical properties of three test substances in order to identify the unknown substance! We also found a bone, which we thought might help us work out the height of the victim. We used the same formulae as forensic scientists and practised rounding and multiplying to work out how tall our victim would be if they were a male or female. This CSI work in Science has been a great opportunity for the children to understand the real-life application of Science and Maths. Well done Year 6 for being such great forensic scientists this week!

Also, following the investigation work in science they worked out the size of a person’s height from a thigh bone! This was a great way to show just how science and maths are linked and how they are often dependent on one another.

Of course, our big focus this week has been our class learning assembly and the children have done themselves proud. They worked in their own arranged groups to prepare a script, resources and in some cases video footage with to share in the assembly.

Well done M6 and thank you for your commitment to a wonderful class effort which showed off your amazing talents!

I am SO PROUD of YOU ALL.      

Mrs Jardella