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Week 4 - 8th May

This week in English, we developed our understanding of informal letter writing. We started the week recapping on the features of this text type and began to plan a letter from Beowulf to his father. There were many things that we felt Beowulf would like to write home about, including his journey across the seas, his arrival in the village, the greeting he received from the villagers and also, his hopes and thoughts about the impending battle. Using the notes from our planning sheet as guidance, we began to form our letters. Towards the end of the week, we spent time editing and developing our letters and checked that we had included as much detail and evidence from the text as we could. Next week, we will finish reading the tale of 'Beowulf' and will begin planning and writing our own legends. 


In Maths, we focused on division written methods. We began the week sharing and discussing  methods that we already used and knew of and found it useful looking at similarities and differences between the methods. As the week progressed, we used a variety of methods to demonstrate our understanding of division and by the end of the week, we were applying our understanding of both multiplication and division to solve problems. Over the next two weeks, we will turning our attention to measurement and will be exploring this Maths area in a variety of practical contexts.


In Topic, we continued our work on the Anglo-Saxons. In preparation for designing and building our own Anglo-Saxon village, we spent the first part of the week researching Anglo-Saxon buildings. As a class, we discussed possible lines of enquiry, for example, how were the buildings constructed? Following this, we used IPads to research information and recorded our findings in our Topic books. Next week, we will be making cross-curricular links with D&T and will begin to design our own buildings, thinking carefully about possible materials to use to construct the buildings.


Reminder: Don't forget that there is a Snowdonia meeting on Wednesday 24th May at 5.30pm. If you cannot attend the meeting, don't worry, we can send you the pack of information the following day.