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Week 4 - W/E 27th January

In English this week, we continued our work linked to the text ‘Bill’s New Frock’ by Anne Fine. We looked at and discussed the front cover and blurb. We used the information we had collected to predict what we thought the story was about. Having listened to the first two chapters, we summarised the story so far. We used the text to find evidence about Bill’s character and appearance. Using what we found out, we drew a picture of Bill and annotated it with information about him. We finished the week by discussing the difference between open and closed questions and generating interesting questions that we could ask Bill in order to gather information about him. We worked in pairs and took turns playing the roles of Bill and the interviewer (glue sticks made excellent ‘microphones’). It was fun! Next week we will be continuing with work linked to ‘Bill’s New Frock’.


In Maths, we started work on fractions. We revised what we already knew and looked for evidence of fractions in the classroom. After that, we worked with a partner to make a Fraction Wall (see Useful Resources and Information). We found fractions of shapes and amounts; added fractions with the same denominator and generated equivalent fractions. Next week we will be continuing our work on fractions and linking them to decimals.


In History, we carried on with our work on the Great Plague. We wrote a diary entry imagining what it would have been like living in London during 1665. We also found out about the village of Eyam in Derbyshire. Plague arrived in the village when a parcel of patterns from London, was delivered to the Tailor. The villagers made the sacrifice of agreeing that, whilst the plague was still killing people, no one would leave or enter the village. We discussed this and unanimously agreed that we would have done the same in order to stop the spread of the disease. What wonderful pupils!


On Wednesday we had an extra PE session with Mr Lazzara. We practised our hockey skills and then played mini-games.