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Week 5 - 15th May

What a week!

I think the first thing we need to acknowledge is how amazing B5 were in their assembly this week. All children wrote their own words, working well with their learning partners to consider the learning process they had been through in that subject area. The children were really excited about how to bring their learning to life and how to share this with you; and I think you will agree that they did this with real passion and enthusiasm. We really hope you enjoyed the assembly as much as we enjoyed putting it together!

In English we have been continuing our theme of Beowulf, and how the hideous Beast Grendel was defeated. The children explored how Michael Morpurgo bought the story to life, by his use of exciting and interesting language. They read through the text finding evidence of alliteration, powerful adjectives and metaphors and they found some excellent examples and I am looking forward to them applying these techniques to their own legends next week. To help us stimulate our imaginations for our own legend writing, we read the Jabberwocky poem and drew our own Jabberwock. The purpose for this was to get our creativity flowing for the creation of our own legends, which we began planning today. I am really looking forward to reading these next week!


In maths, we have started the unit measurement. This was initiated with the children brainstorming all the things we could measure, from time, to speed, to weight and many many more. Their ideas were very impressive! Their investigations this week have been about Volume – initially estimating and observing volume, then explaining their ideas. We then put this into practice and explored our ideas actually using liquids and different sized bottles and containers. The children loved exploring their learning in this way, and it was great to see them all working together and taking their investigation in different directions.


Our Anglo-Saxon theme it still going strong in History, and we are now looking at the design of the Anglo-Saxon buildings. We have been researching the materials used by the Anglo-Saxons (such as Mottle and Daub), and how they then constructed their homes and important buildings using this material. Some students have been using their maths knowledge to consider they would construct an Anglo-Saxon building of their own; for example, they have considered the angles of the pitched roof and how they would safely attach this to their main building.


I just want to reiterate how proud I am of all the students this week, and I want them all to know how much they shone in their assembly! Well Done B5!! And I just want to say - “I am a teacher…get me out of here!!”