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Week 5 - 15th May

This week in English, we spent time planning our own legends. To gather ideas for a beast, we started the week exploring a poem called 'Jabberwocky' by Lewis Carroll. 'Jabberwocky' is a nonsense poem, which is about the killing of a creature named the Jabberwock. It also introduces two other characters, the Bandersnatch and the JubJub bird. We used detail in the poem to draw our own beasts and labelled our pictures with interesting descriptions. Towards the end of the week, we used story maps and mountains to plan our legends. We decided to keep the story structure very similar to the Beowulf story we had just finished reading, but each thought of ways to personalise our stories. Next week, we are going to be writing our stories, ensuring that we include the main features of a legend. The aim is to retell our finished stories to the younger children at school.


In Maths, we started a new unit on 'Measurement'. We started the week thinking about different things we can measure, e.g. time, speed, weight etc.... We then listed the different units of measurement used in each context. As the week progressed, we developed our understanding of volume and capacity and enjoyed completing a practical activity, which involved estimating and measuring the volume of liquids. Have a look at the 'Week in Pictures' section to see us hard at work! Next week, we are going to turn our attention to weight and converting between units of measurement, such as grams and kilograms.