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Week 5 - 30th January

We are getting closer to the holidays! 


This week in English we have been working on explanations, and we have written about different topics,first looking for information, and then adding pictures and a glossary with tricky words.

In Maths, we have studied time and we have made the distinction between digital and analogue clocks, also talking about AM and PM. 

In RE, we have been learning about the teachings of Jesus, and we made posters about different stories, such as "The lost sheep" or "The mustard seed"

In DT we have finished our posters and we  have also studied joints while making a hand with straws and string. Next week we will start start using the ICT room! 

Moreover, we had a PE competition where we played football and we scored lots of goals!


Have a nice weekend M3! See you on Monday,