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Week 5 - 30th January

Another week bites the dust!


This week saw the children undergo our Half Termly Assessment Week. The children completed three Maths papers (one arithmetic and two reasoning), a reading paper, a SPaG paper and two 100 word spelling tests. We spent Friday morning looking over two of the Maths papers, spotting and correcting our mistakes. This was a very valuable exercise allowing the children to see where they made their mistakes and learn from them.


Next week, we will continue to look at the different papers and focus on techniques for dealing with the different types of questions.


On Monday, we were joined by a very special visitor, Mr Lazenby, who came in to talk to us about his job (graphic designing), his hobby (making collages) and how the two often merge into one. Much of Mr Lazenby’s work is linked to Pop Art, which is our current topic in Art. It was an invaluable experience for the children as he spent time discussing different artists, his inspirations and shared some of his own work with the children. Many children took solace in the fact Mr Lazenby said drawing wasn’t the key to being a good artist. We would like to thank Mr Lazenby for giving up his time to come in and talk to us.


On Tuesday, the children took part in the BBC’s Terrific Science Live Lesson. Live from Manchester, we watched and took part in activities based around our previous experiment on taste buds. During the live lesson, we analysed results from all the different schools that took part. Interestingly, the number of super tasters was well above the national average, perhaps this had something to do with the word ‘super’. We also watched a particularly interesting experiment, which involved coating food in liquid oxygen and setting light to it to see how many calories it contained.


Next month, we will carry out another experiment as part of the BBC’s Terrific Science all about water.