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Week 5 - 30th January

Assessment week, this week, has shown just how determined and resilient our children are becoming, as they take everything in their stride. M6 are amazing at setting out the classroom for ‘test conditions’. No fuss, ready to work, eager to be challenged. So impressive! However, not all has been about testing knowledge and skills, much fun and new learning has taken place thanks to visitors and good teaching.


On Monday we had an extra assembly from a company offering keyboard tuition. The whole school was transfixed by the versatility of a ‘keyboard’. Nick, demonstrated how sounds, varying from piano, trumpet, percussion and strings can be mixed to create a unique sound. He also enchanted the children by playing tunes that were well known to the children and threw in a few ‘oldies’ for the staff. Great fun!


Year 6, also had an artist in to visit them, to support their art project all about ‘Pop Art’. B6, Noah’s dad, Mr Lazenby, came into share his work with great enthusiasm about collage. Our children were enthralled by his art work and explanation of how he creates a piece, focusing on simple ideas ranging from a word, shape or picture. The children’s subsequent thank you letters, really summed up just how much they enjoyed and were inspired by Mr Lazenby’s work. A huge and grateful thank to you, Mark, from us all in year 6.


Science, this week saw us taking part in a live show with the BBC. Their ‘Terrific Scientific’ project this year, has meant that schools across the UK have taken part, and will continue to take part in various investigations. Each school then submits its data, which is analysed and reported on, giving significant and impressive results. We look forward to our next task and hopefully, seeing our schools name on screen.


P.E. this week continues with our children honing their table tennis skills. Aim and accuracy was the purpose of this week’s lesson and the children rose to the challenge. Hand, eye, co-ordination is essential in this game. So, building skills, using a range of techniques, such as placing the ball during service, backhand push and forehand drive are being to be developed to great effect. Over the next few weeks, they will further develop these skills so a speedy and precise game can be played.