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Week 5 - 3rd October

In English this week, we turned our attention to newspaper reports. We began the week reading and exploring another of Anthony Browne’s books, ‘King Kong’. As with all of his books, the story is told through a series of detailed illustrations, designed to subtly convey an empathy for his lonely and sensitive characters. After spending time analysing the illustrations, we discussed the impact the book has on the reader. We concluded the week identifying the features of newspaper reports, in preparation for writing our own reports next week.


Our focus this week in Maths has been calculation. Through a series of problem solving and investigative activities, we developed and demonstrated our understanding of addition and subtraction mental and written methods. As Wednesday was ‘No Pens Day’, it presented an excellent opportunity to develop and apply our speaking and listening skills. One activity we particularly enjoyed was, ‘If this is the answer, what could the question be?’ We were presented with a variety of example SATs questions and were asked to match it to an answer. The most challenging part of the activity was proving how we knew that it was the correct answer.


This week saw the arrival of our first Learning Assembly. We discussed as a class what we wanted to include in our assembly and then worked in small groups to prepare a script. We spent time, in an already busy week, rehearsing and creating sketches for the assembly. The children put a huge amount of effort into making their assembly entertaining and informative and I am immensely proud of their efforts. It was lovely to see so many parents in the audience and I hope to see many of you at our ‘At Home’ session next Thursday. Don’t forget your pencil case!