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Week 5 - 3rd October

What an exciting week! Year 4 have had all sorts of exciting activities to take part in this week including an At Home Session with parents, Competition Afternoon and No Pens Wednesday.


In English, the children spent the week finishing their non – chronological reports and they look fantastic! We can’t wait to put them up on display to show the rest of the school all of the things we have learnt about animals in our local habitat.


We also began our unit on poetry, looking at free verse poems and expressing an opinion on different poems. We identified the features of different poems and recognised what made them so captivating. During No Pens Wednesday we listened to a poem called The Magic Box by Kit Wright and recited our own versions of the poem based on our own experiences and stories that we had read.


In Maths, we have been using different mental methods to add and subtract. The tricky part is remembering which method to use! We used partitioning, near doubles and rounding to help us to add numbers and have been using the bald headed man method to help us to count on when subtracting. These methods can be found in our Useful Resources section.


For No Pens Wednesday, we had to do lots of problem solving and work in teams to solve the problems. We enjoyed taking part in lots of different activities and had to think really hard to try to solve the problems!


On Thursday morning, some of the parents came to participate in one of our lessons. They were able to see some of the methods that we have been using in our Maths lessons. It was lovely to have parents participating in our daily activities.