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Week 5 - W/E 19th May

This week has been assessment week, so alongside our normal lessons we have been completing a selection of English and Maths tasks. We tried hard to apply all the skills that we have learnt.


In English, we have been continuing our work on persuasive texts. We have started using the features we investigated last week to write a persuasive leaflet about Gaveston Hall. We started by writing an introductory paragraph and then wrote persuasive paragraphs about the activities that you can do whilst there. We hope to eventually put this on to a PowerPoint presentation using our skills from our Computing lessons!


In Maths, we continued with our work on area and perimeter.


In Computing, we went into the Learning Resource Centre (LRC) and have been learning how to create, edit and save documents.


This week we started a new Science unit on Sound. We have been investigating how sounds are made, using different instruments, how sound travels and how we can see sound vibrations. Next week we will continue our work culminating in an investigation into how the size of a megaphone affects the sound made.