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Week 6 - 10th October

What another busy week! Can you believe it’s only one week until the half term holiday?


This week, in English, the children continued with our unit on poetry, writing our own animal-themed free verse poems and trying to work out the answers to some very tricky riddles. Next week we will be writing our own riddles so we may test them out on you.


In Maths, we have continued to use different written methods to add and subtract. We have used both the expanded and column methods to answer calculations and problems. Nest week we will be spending our maths sessions working with positive and negative numbers.


In Science this week, we have continued our unit on electricity. We built circuits using motors and used them to power a propeller. Our challenge, which most of us succeeded at, was to try and reverse the direction in which the propeller was spinning. We also carried out an investigation to see which materials are conductors of electricity.


This week we have also had sessions in music, swimming and French.