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Week 6 - 10th October

This week in English, we continued to look at Anthony Browne’s King Kong. We began the week with a comprehension about Anne and Kong’s journey through the jungle to his mountain lair. This gave the children the opportunity to showcase their understanding of the text and Anthony Browne’s intentions. As the week progressed we prepared for our narrative piece, that we would write at the end of the week. We thought about how we can add accurate description and in particular description using the five senses. We finished the week with writing our narratives and the children produced some quality writing that they can be very proud of.


Next week, we will finish our work with King Kong by producing a newspaper article on Kong’s escape.


Our focus in Maths this week, has been rounding and using the four operations in mental calculations. The children excelled themselves in rounding with many children able to round numbers to the nearest millions or thousandth. In the second half of the week we continued our work on mental and written methods for addition and subtraction. We looked at which method was the most efficient to use for different calculations and produced criteria for when we should use each method.


Next week, we will continue our work on the four operations by looking at multiplication and division.

Thursday was an exciting day for us as we were joined for part of a Maths lesson by parents. It was wonderful to see the children explaining their mathematical thinking to their parents and discussing the methods they used. I hope it was beneficial for parents to see what happens in the classroom rather than hearing about it at the end of the day.