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Proud to be part of the Bushey Primary Education Federation - Executive Head Mrs C Holliman

week 6 - 10th October

On Thursday, it was lovely to see many of our children’s parents join us in a maths lesson. The children were very excited to show off their learning by demonstrating their maths skills and their use of mathematical language. Parents and children worked together in choosing the best method to answer a particular calculation. After looking at each table to see if they had chosen the same method, the children then explained their reasons for their choice; in some cases demonstrating their methods. Following this, everyone joined in a mental maths challenge, which proved popular but challenging.


Thank you to all of our parents who managed to attend and especially for joining in.


Our English this week continued with the story of King Kong. The children individually read the next part of the book and then completed comprehension tasks using the text. They also looked at conjunctions and their purpose.



Over the last three days the children have planned and written their own story, based on King Kong, drawing on the story language and exciting pace of the action.


Next week sees the culmination of this story through the eyes of a reporter writing their own newspaper article. Then the children, using their computing skills, will create photographs using ‘blue screen’ which allows them to superimpose images. The pictures will be used in their newspapers to enhance their reports. We have also arranged for a real life reporter to come in and to share his skills with us on Tuesday afternoon.


This week, children who play an instrument, have had the chance to display their talents to the rest of the class. This proved so much fun and so popular that next week we will continue to enjoy the many talents of other children in our class. M6 is a very musical and artistic class with children playing violin, cello, guitar, piano, drums, trumpet, clarinet and recorder. Very impressive!