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Week 6 - 22nd May

One week for Half Term!


In M3 this week, we have been working on Maths. We have studied place value during the past two weeks, and this week we have related it to measure. We have learned about dividing a whole into tenths, and we have compared it with a metre stick. Then, we have been looking for objects in the classroom that could measure 1/10, 2/10, 3/10, etc.


In English, we have been working on publishing and editing work. To achieve that, we have created layered books, an A3 piece of paper which is folded in different layers. Then, each layer is filled in with text and pictures. As we have been learning about the rainforest, we did each layer of the book as each layer of the rainforest. 


In DT we have finished we have been working on the picture frames with Ms. Norman and they are almost finished!


Finally, we had our Class Celebration, where we could bring games and we also could draw and learn how to do origami birds. We really enjoyed! 


Have a lovely holiday! See you next week!