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Proud to be part of the Bushey Primary Education Federation - Executive Head Mrs C Holliman

Week 6 - W/E 10th February

This week, the children have been writing their own accounts using Bill’s New Frock by Anne Fine as a stimulus. They used their plans to help them with ideas and are really making an effort to check and improve their work as they write. They have been working hard to meet their writing targets and have really enjoyed sharing their accounts with one another. They thought it was hilarious to write about a time when they changed gender and to write about all of the strange things that happened to them!


In Maths, we have been looking at our assessment paper which we completed last week. We looked at how to improve our work and went through each question, working out how to complete it together. We did some more work on fractions and decimals, including mixed numbers and improper fractions, multiplying and dividing by 10, 100 and 1000 and also finding equivalent fractions.


In PE, we had a table tennis lesson where we learnt how to serve. We coached each other, making sure that our partner’s grip was correct and that their serve followed the rules that we had been learning. We demonstrated resilience and were able to persevere when we found it hard. We will continue with our table tennis lessons after the half term.


In our Science lessons, we have been learning about States of Matter. We learnt about solids, liquids and gases and common characteristics of each. We investigated a number of different household items and talked about whether they were solids, liquids or gases. We were surprised by some of the results, for example did you know that an orange is a solid and liquid?


On Wednesday, we were joined by the infants and performed a song for Sign2Sing. We had to learn the sign language and the words and we really enjoyed performing it. On Wednesday, we also had a competition afternoon with Mr Lazzara. 


On Friday, we had our celebration session to celebrate all of our hard work this half term. We chose to have a DVD, accompanied by popcorn and hot chocolate. We really enjoyed watching Ice Age 5: Collision Course.


We took advantage of having a large carpet area and had some Circle Time. We passed Talk-Time Tigger around and shared our thoughts and feelings with our classmates.