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Week 6 - W/E 25th May

The last week of half term has been filled with lots of exciting activities for Year 4. We began the week with a special visitor, Jeff Rich from Status Quo, who came in to lead an assembly about drumming. He taught us the history of the drum, had lots of people playing instruments and by the end of the assembly, everyone had an opportunity to play an instrument! Have a look in ‘Our Week in Pictures’ for videos and pictures of this exciting event!


Throughout the week, we have also been looking at our Maths assessments from last week, looking at where we could improve in the future and discussing which methods we used to solve some of the questions. We now know what we need to practise more of in the second half of the Summer term.


In English this week, we have been using our computing skills to help us to create persuasive PowerPoints about Gaveston Hall which we hope to share with you in our assembly after half term. We had to use our typing skills, our knowledge of word processing skills such as changing the font size and colour, inserting and cropping images, spelling and grammar checks and much more!


In Science this week, we have been continuing to look at sound. WE used an app, called Decibel 10th, on the iPads to test the volume of the different noises we could make. We went outside so that we didn't disturb any other classes! We thought about how the volume of sound could be changed and we planned investigations about sound. We used card megaphones to amplify sound and our investigations were along the lines of: What happens to sound if you change the size of a card megaphone and why?


Thursday ended with our celebration session; M4 chose to have a pudding party! Have a look at our pictures to see what fun we had!  A big "Thank you!" to Cordelia for making a Red Velvet cake for us all to share. It was delicious!


It has truly been an exciting half term and we know that the last part of Year 4 will be even better! See you after the half term break!