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Week 7 - 17th October

We’ve made it! This half term has flown by and I can’t believe how much we have managed to cram into the last seven weeks. The children have been fantastic this term and have really thrown themselves into everything we have done. You can be very proud of them or, yourselves.


This week in English, we turned our attention to writing a newspaper report on Anthony Browne’s ‘King Kong’. We started by thinking about what makes an effective newspaper headline. We decided that the most effective headlines are brief, give us a clue about the article, and is a pun. In order that we could write effective articles we spent Tuesday afternoon working with a journalist. We invited Mr Sherwood, a reporter, in to talk to the children about how he writes an article and lead a workshop on how to ‘grip’ a reader. After Mr Sherwood’s workshop, we planned and wrote our articles about Kong’s escape in New York and his consequent rampage through the streets. On Friday we completed our newspaper articles by using an iPad app called BlueScreenIt to create action photographs. This allowed us to create images of Kong climbing the Empire State Building.

After half term we will be studying mystery stories. Over half term see if you can find some different examples of mystery stories and think about the features of a mystery story?


In Maths this week, we continued to work on the 4 operations. We started the week by using partitioning to help us solve multiplication problems mentally. After this focused on order of operations by applying BIDMAS. BIDMAS is an acronym for Brackets, Indices, Division, Multiplication, Addition and Subtraction. We finished the week, by using short multiplication to solve more complex calculations that we couldn’t solve mentally.


Wednesday morning was our Shakespeare workshop. The Shakespeare play the children will be watching and learning about is ‘The Tempest’. The workshop allowed the children a chance to learn the story of ‘The Tempest’ whilst acting out different parts of the play. There were some fantastic performances from the class and they worked very hard to portray the different characters. After half term we will going to watch a performance of The Tempest, in Potters Bar, designed for children.


My final thoughts for the half term. I wanted to say a huge well done to the children for the effort they have put into their Home Learning. I now have a room filled with fantastic Viking Longships. I have learnt a lot about how parents use Maths in their everyday lives and I’ve gained an insight into a week in the lives of my class from their recounts. I’m already looking forward to all the wonderful pieces of Home Learning I will receive next term.