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Week 7 - 17th October

This week in English, the children have been learning all about riddles. They learnt about the different poetic language used and had to use this to describe different objects in a game of ‘Guess What’s in the Bag?’. They really enjoyed listening to the descriptions and trying to guess the object! They then used their knowledge of poetry to help improve some very boring riddles! On Wednesday they planned their own riddles and on Thursday, began writing them. The poetic language that the children used was brilliant! Check out ‘Our Week in Pictures’ to see some of our riddles.


In Maths, the children have been learning about negative numbers. They learnt how to find the difference between two numbers, learnt about negative numbers in the context of temperature, and water depth, and are able to order numbers. It has been very difficult but we are persevering and learning more each day.


In Science, the children have been learning about conductors and insulators. They carried out an investigation in which they tested a variety of objects made of different materials to see which ones conducted electricity.


In P.E. this week we learnt about how to look after our bodies and how important nutritious food is. With Mr Lazzara, we played games to test our skills, stamina and strength.


The week ended with our Celebration Session which the children chose at the start of the year. They had decided on a Gadget, Games and Toy session. Everybody was really sensible and had a great time listening to music, playing with games and toys and trying out different apps on the school iPads. It was a fabulous end to a fantastic half term!


Well done M4 for all of your hard work this half term!