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Week 7

After an extended half term break, we returned to school ready to begin our final weeks in Year 4.


In English, we started a new unit of work on poetry. This unit of work is about calligrams; poems that are shaped according to the subject they are on. We began by designing Gaveston Hall related calligram words and then, later in the week, collected descriptive, poetic words and phrases to be used in writing our own calligrams next week.


Our Maths work for our next few weeks is based on statistics. We began by revisiting frequency charts and bar graphs. We need to be able to collect data in a frequency chart and draw our own bar charts as well as interpreting information from those that have already been prepared.


We have also started a new topic in Science: Animals, including humans. We revised a range of vocabulary from previous units of work including carnivore, herbivore and omnivore. We then started investigating how food chains work and how they can be affected something happens to one plant or animal within it.