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Week 7 - 20th February

Welcome back everyone to a busy half term.


We begin this half term with a new book, Private Peaceful, by Michael Morpurgo. This wonderful and thought provoking story is set at the time of World War One. It reflects the everyday life of a family, one of the many, who experienced the interruption and devastation of war. We have started to read it in during guided reading sessions and will continue to complete our own work from it next week during ‘Book Week’. The historical nature of this book, firmly helps us to focus on a time when Britain knew great hardships but also saw the tremendous bravery of so many. We look forward to exploring life, as it was then, through the eyes of one of the characters, Tommo.


Maths, this week has seen us revising work and exploring methods suitable for a range of calculations. One task, that focused on percentages, was particularly tricky as the children had to find the odd percentage out. They threw themselves into the task of finding paired answers until only one was left, the odd one out. Not as easy as it sounds. Have a look at the photo section and try it for yourselves.


Grammar this week has seen game playing and partnership work at its best, testing and checking each other’s work to great effect. How many hyphenated words can you think of?


Spellings are a high priority this term and we are working hard, looking at common spelling patterns and rules. Children don’t forget to practice your words for the week!


We look forward to seeing all of our children join us for ‘Book at Bedtime’ on Tuesday and to dressing up as a book character on Thursday.


Have a nice, relaxing weekend. frown