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Week 7 - 5th June

Hello M3! 

We are going to try something new. We all have written down what we enjoyed the most from this week, so here I introduce you the M3's week summary!


This week we had a jazzy, fun, learning week! On Wednesday 7th, we came from Half term for more extreme learning! (Sara)


In Maths, we have been using fraction bars to solve sums and world problems. In Maths the fraction bars have a total on top and under it, you write how many partitions you need. Both numbers are equal, but in different parts (super easy). We had to find ¼, 1/3 and ½ of different numbers.  (Leo, Kit, Freya B, Alice, Maimie and Noah)


In English, we’ve talking about the Moon. We have been describing pictures about the Moon. We described how big the Moon was and what it looked like. Then, on Thursday, we looked at pictures of the moon and thought of adjectives to describe the moon, then we did a picture and a mind map.

(Leo, Kit, Freya N.)


In History, this week we have been learning about Space. I learnt that Neil Armstrong was the first person to get on the moon. I can’t believe rockets can blow up! On Wednesday we have been learning about space. Everyone learnt a new fact about space, we looked at different astronauts that made it to the Moon and also different rockets and satellites. After that, we did a timeline. (Shay, Eric, Freya N, Aidan.)


I hope you had enjoyed! See you on Monday!