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Week 7 - 5th June

Welcome back! I hope you all had a lovely half term. This half term is packed full of exciting events and we are especially looking forward to our trip to Snowdonia. I am especially looking forward to seeing you all participating in the parent races this year at Sports Day!


In English this week we have had a week of fantastic writing - I am so pleased that this is becoming regular feedback on our class page and is something that we are able to celebrate so much!  We are continuing with the theme of Legends, therefore the children are now in the midst of battle scenes and dramatic endings.  The children are demonstrating real resilience in the editing process - keep it up B5 as we are going to have some great legends to read to the younger students.


In Maths we have continued with our theme of Measurements and we are currently focusing on Mass. The children explored and defined what mass is and we begun to identify the different units mass can be measured in. Investigating which units would be used to measure different objects, opened up a discussion about why we needed a variety of units to allow us to be accurate when measuring very small objects such as tablets and large objects such as an elephant. The children enjoyed trying to balance out the scales and investigating the number of ways this task could be completed. This led to them challenging each other to use decimals, spurring some on to  use numbers to two and even three decimal places. I loved their enquiring nature as well as their determination in this task.


Our Anglo-Saxon theme continues in History.  We kick started the week by researching warriors, and labelling a diagram to identify all the different components of a warrior such as hauberk (chain mail). The children looked at the weapons they used and identified that wealthier soldiers were more decorated than poorer soldiers. For instance swords were embellished with carvings and jewels.


In PE this week the children have started tri golf and concluded their unit on rounders.  Mr Lazzara was very complimentary of the progress the students had made with hitting the ball, this allowed for some very competitive and well fought games to happen.  In tri golf, the students were practicing their grip and swing - according to Ms Williams we have a variety of different techniques but all very effective. 


Religious leaders continues to be our theme in RE, and today we began to learn and understand more about the Buddhist faith.  To allow us to do this we explored the statement "Money can't make you happy" and it was really interesting to hear their opinions and their justification for their answers. This opener was helpful to understanding one of Buddhism's fundamental principles. 


A great start to the final countdown! Well done B5