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Week 7 - 5th June

Welcome back after the long half term break. I can’t believe we are almost at the end of Year 3, the time has flown by. This week we have been recapping factions in Maths and using fraction bars with sharing pots to find fractions of amounts. We have been solving word problems such as: There are 24 marbles in a bag, ¼ are blue. How many blue marbles are there?

We would solve this by drawing a fraction bar. We would either use our knowledge of division facts or we would share out dots to find the answer.


……  6

……  6

……  6

……  6


In English we have been looking at the front cover of our new book, Moon Man by Tomi Ungerer. We used the illustration and book title to inspire our writing and have written performed poems about the moon.

In science this week Miss MacKenzie set us the challenge of making a floating craft that could hold marbles. We had a great time and learned about the forces involved in floating and sinking.


Next Week: We will be preparing for Camp Bushey, including learning Morse code to communicate with torches. We’ll also start a new spelling unit and next week I’ll put our new spellings words on here for you to see.