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Week 7 - W/E 24th February

As part of our Book Week (we are doing it for two weeks in Year 4!), our English text is linked to our unit on History. We have been reading a story called ‘Escape from Pompeii’ to help us to learn about the Romans. We started off by looking at pictures from the text and using our inference skills to see if we could work out clues about the picture. We thought about what we definitely knew, what we could infer, what we didn’t know and what questions we still had. We read half of the story and continued to use our inference skills to answer questions about the text. We also made predictions based on evidence from the text. We enjoyed learning about the story of Pompeii although it made us very sad to learn that this really happened. We will be using Pompeii as a stimulus to learn more about the Romans in the upcoming weeks. We also looked at some Roman artefacts and thought about what these artefacts told us about the Romans. We are really good at being archaeologists and working out clues! Linked to Computing, we used an app on the ipad called Popplet. We made a mind map using Popplet where we were able to combine images and text to bring together all of the information we found out about Pompeii.


In Maths, we have been learning lots of different ways of learning our times tables. We looked at the 7 times tables and used bead strings, number lines and number squares to help us to work out patterns. We used skills such as doubling, halving, adding and taking away to help us to work out numbers and we used a blank number line to recite our 7 times table. We started with all of the numbers on and eventually, took all of the numbers off and we were still able to recite them! We will be using this technique with other times tables throughout the year.


In RE, we learnt all about why it is important for Sikh people to share food. We learnt that at a Gudwara (a Sikh temple), they have a Langar (community kitchen) where they welcome everyone, regardless of gender, race or wealth. These are the values that we have promised to adopt into our own lives and are very similar to those of many other religions too! On Thursday, we had our own Year 4 Langar where we all helped to serve and clear up as part of a respectful community. We really enjoyed this experience and it helped us to understand that we must always extend our respect and kindness to all people.