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Week 8 - 12th June

This week we have been preparing for Camp Bushey!


In Maths, we were learning about divisions and multiplications. We did the multiplication grid, which is a method to split difficult multiplications, and we did a lot of word problems using it. (Leo)


In English we have been inferring and describing pictures of the Moon Man. We took a picture, and wrote about what the Moon Man was feeling. On Friday, we used a picture of the people that went to see the Moon man, and we wrote a dialogue of what they were saying, and described what we would feel if we were observed by everyone. (Kit)


In Thursday and Friday we did activities related to Camp Bushey. We did baking, we set up the tents and we we learned about Morse code. Here is one!

 -- * / * -- -- -- / * * -- /

We could read it on a piece of paper and also using torches in the dark. (Shay, Aarian)


After Friday, we went home, and got ready for Camp Bushey!