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Week 8

This week in English, we have continued our learning about calligrams. We planned a free-verse poem of our choice using lots of poetic techniques such as alliteration, onomatopoeia, similes, adjectives and exciting verbs. We then used our planning to help us to write, then edit and improve, our own poems. We had to think about how we were going to represent our calligrams on the page to ensure it looked effective. Check out our calligrams on the ‘Our Week in Pictures’ section.


In Maths, we have been looking at a variety of graphs. We read and analysed data on bar graphs and answered questions about them to show our understanding. Some of the questions involved looking at a number of pieces of information and using a calculation to find the answers. We focussed on the features of a bar graph to ensure that data is clearly shown and created our own bar graphs to represent data that we collected.


Next week is Sports Day so on Tuesday afternoon, we held some Sports Day trials and practised different athletics skills that we have been learning with Mr Lazarra. We are excited for Sports Day next week and can’t wait to show you how hard we have been working in our Athletics lessons!

In our Computing lesson, we demonstrated the skills that we have been learning on PowerPoint and made a quick slide show about a topic of our choice to demonstrate these skills. We also had to show that we were able to save our work and then open the folder to find it again. The new skills we learnt were adding bullet points or numbers and inserting text boxes. Next week we will look at Word Art which links to our learning of calligrams in English.


In Art, we have begun talking about sculptures. We looked at and discussed a number of different sculptures and answered questions about them to find out more. We looked at sculptures that were made in nature and offered our opinions on them.


In B4, we spent the week rehearsing and refining our assembly performance ready for Friday. It was a

lot of hard work but we really hope you enjoyed it!