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Week 8 - 27th February

What a fantastic (but exhausting!) week we have had!! As this week was Book Week, we based all of our work around the story, 'Journey to Jo'burg'.


Before reading the book, we used a variety of front covers (see below) from the book to discuss what we thought would happen in the story. This also prompted discussion about the apartheid and the impact this had on the lives of people in South Africa.


Image result for journey to joburg front covers    Image result for journey to joburg front covers  Image result for journey to joburg front covers  Image result for journey to joburg front covers   Image result for journey to joburg front covers


Following this lesson, we used our English sessions to read the story and develop our comprehension skills. We used role-play activities to learn more about the characters' actions and feelings and watched videos to help us learn about life in the apartheid. Next week, we will be writing diary entries as Naledi or Tiro, the two children in the story, and thinking about the issues and dilemmas that they have to face on their journey.


In Maths, we continued our work on shape and, before focusing on 3D shapes and angles, developed our understanding of plotting coordinates and reflecting 2D shapes on a grid. We recapped on reading an x and y-axis and also discussed use of coordinates in real life contexts. To challenge ourselves further, we worked across 4 quadrants and reflected shapes across both the x and y-axis.


To further our understanding of South African culture, we spent some of our Topic sessions exploring and re-creating 'San Rock Art'. The San, or Bushmen, are indigenous people in Southern Africa and their ancient rock paintings and carvings are found in caves and on rock shelters. The artwork often depicts hunters, animals, patterns, people dancing and half-human half-animal hybrids. We used pastels, pencils and charcoal to create our own versions of the rock art. It was interesting to look at the shapes and patterns in the paintings and we used our knowledge of 2D shapes to describe the artwork.


Thank you to all of the children for their hard-work and enthusiasm all week. I was very impressed with all of the costumes for World Book Day and enjoyed finding out about the children's favourite books and authors. Thank you as well to all of you who attended Book at Bedtime. I had a fantastic time re-enacting Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and I hope that you had as much fun watching and listening to it!