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Week 8 - 27th February

Book Week - 2017


This week has been great fun as every year group shared their work across the school in a whole school assembly. It was wonderful to see the variety of learning that has taken place this week. Each class has been inspired by a class book to create some truly wonderful cross-curricular work. I can honestly say that every curriculum subject has been covered in one way or another.


Year 6 delved further into our book, Private Peaceful, by beginning to write a play script. This story, set in the time of World War 1, gives them, not only a taste of history at that time, but also a sense of a family life and its ups and downs. This powerful text, we hope, will induce some fantastic writing that we know our children are fully capable of. They have worked on a descriptive setting of the scene and next week will develop the plot through script writing. I can’t wait to read their work.


Maths was all based on World War 1 and problem solving. We have looked at problems such as soldiers travelling under the threat of the enemy, to coding and to rationing. The children also came up with their own mathematical word problems to solve. The historical and Mathematical combination was astounding. It makes me so proud to see our children make connections through subjects.


PE also had the children thinking about WW1, as they had to cross ‘no man’s land’ (the playground) as a team, in silence. They systematically worked out how to do this through exceptional team work. Made a noise, then all back to the beginning! Great resilience and perseverance skills were shown by our children, well done M6!


Finally, what fun we all had as a school with, Book at Bedtime. Those children who managed to share this with the staff from Bushey Manor and Bushey and Oxhey infant school had a real treat. From great stories to pancakes and hot chocolate, what more could a child want. 


Looking forward to seeing all M6 parents at parents evening. Have a great weekend. frown