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Week 8 - 27th Februay

This week we have celebrated Book Week. We have been learning about the Stone Age, and all the subjects have been focused on a book called “Stone Age Boy”, written by Satoshi Kitamura.

It’s a story about a boy who was walking in the woods and tripped into a hole and fell down and travelled in time to the Stone Age!

In English, we have used this book to learn about different types of writing. First, we created a dialogue between Om (the Stone Age girl) and the boy. We also reviewed how to write instructions about Stone Age jobs, such as making fire. Finally, we have designed our own advertisement for one Stone Age tool.

In Maths we have been reviewing fractions, factors and place value. For that, we used Stone Age food, such as hunted animals, berries and seeds, that we distributed in groups, also looking for how many equal groups could be made. We also worked with timelines, placing main events in the life of a Stone Age man.

We have combined all subjects with History, where we learned about how people lived during Stone Age, also looking at their art: cave paintings. Finally, we made a replica of cave paintings.

On Thursday, we also celebrated World Book Day, and we all dressed up as book characters and we had a catwalk in the Hall. We had so much fun!

This has been a great week. Have a nice weekend and see you on Monday!