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Week 8 - 31st October

Welcome back to our second half term. The clocks have gone back. The days are shorter but we are packing plenty into them.


We started the week with Science. We continued our work on classification by looking at exceptions to the normal rules of classifications, for example the platypus, a mammal that lays eggs. Once we had found an animal that interested us, we designed a poster about that animal. On our posters we had to include comparisons between our chosen animals and their classification, interesting facts about the animal, for example its habitat or diet and photographs or drawings of the animal. Have a look at our photographs of the week to see some examples of our work.


In Maths this week, we continued our work on multiplication by using written methods to solve calculations and problems. I was immensely proud of the children for the persistence and resilience they showed during this week. Many of the children struggled with the concept of long multiplication but by the end of the week, thanks to their resilience and persistence, the children were able to able to apply their understanding of the method to solving multi-step multiplication problems.

Next week, we will turn our attention to division using written methods and solving multi-step problems.


This week in English we used Shakespeare’s Tempest as our stimulus. On Tuesday, spent the afternoon at the Wyllyotts Theatre, in Potter’s Bar, watching the Young Shakespeare Company’s version of the play. The play was brought to life by the hard work of a small cast of actors, many playing different roles. The children particularly enjoyed the performances from Trinculo and Stefano who provided some comic relief. However, the star of the show has to be Year 6’s very own Tiegh who stole the show with his performance and had many of the children in fits of giggles. I would like to take this moment to say how proud I was of the children during the performance and their behaviour was impeccable. After the performance, we began to write our own reviews of the play to provide effective feedback to the theatre and to Miss Fiddler about the benefits of the workshop and production.


Next week, we will be looking at Esio Trot by Roald Dahl.