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Week 8

This week has been Book Week at Bushey Manor and we have been continuing our work using Escape from Pompeii as a stimulus to help us to learn about the Romans. We began the week by finding out about a Roman Soldiers uniform. We looked at a few pictures and discussed what we noticed about it.

Next, we started writing the introduction to our non-chronological report on Roman life. We tried to include a rhetorical question to engage the reader. We spent the next session working in groups to research an aspect of Roman life. We found out about the lives of boys and girls, clothing, games, gladiators and school. We recorded what we found out in the form of a spider diagram, making sure we wrote clearly so that others could read our writing. We shared the information we had found with the other groups. In our final activity of the week we considered how the Roman Empire affected different people. We took on the roles of different characters, thinking about how their lives were affected as different events unfurled.


In Maths, we practised and applied our multiplication and division skills. We played a number of games and tried out the informal written method of grid multiplication. It was a little tricky at first but, as we practised, we understood it better.


Our Science work on States of Matter continued this week with us finding out about evaporation and condensation. We set up experiments to observe the effects of these processes and saw them in action in the amazing Water Cycle. Who would believe that we are still drinking the same water that was around when the dinosaurs were!! 


In RE, we found out about Ash Wednesday, Shrove Tuesday and Lent. We talked about what we would find most difficult to give up.


As well as continuing with our table tennis sessions, we have begun exercising using Fitter Future. All of the children will eventually get their own accounts where they can exercise at home using the website! We really enjoyed our 10-minute exercise and can’t wait to try another one. It’s great because there are three levels of exercise to choose from so you can choose the one that’s right for you.