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Week 9 - 11th November

This week in English, the children have continued to work on the story of Daedalus and Icarus. They worked in groups, combining their own ideas, to produce a single paragraph focusing on one part of the story. Each paragraph was edited and improved to ensure it was as detailed and descriptive as possible. The children looked for improvements that could be made including basic punctuation, speech marks, use of pronouns to replace nouns, additional sentences to add detail, connectives and powerful vocabulary. Each group is going to try and learn their paragraph off by heart!

Next week we are continuing our work on myths but with a focus on the characters in them.


Our maths work this week has been on investigating 2d shapes and lines of symmetry. The children found out about regular and irregular shapes. There is lots of vocabulary to remember when describing the features of different shapes. The children investigated the question ‘Does every regular polygon have the same number of lines of symmetry as its sides?’ They used mirrors and folding to help them find out the answer. They also completed an activity where they had to draw in the missing reflection of half-shapes.

Next week, we will be finding out about the different types of angles.


In History, our Ancient Greeks topic continued with the children finding out about how the lives of people living in Athens and Sparta differed. They used a range of sources to gather information including watching a video clip from ‘Horrible Histories’ and researching using non-fiction reference books. It was a great opportunity to use our research skills including looking up information using the contents and index.


On Wednesday morning the children arrived at school to find the classroom arranged a little differently to usual. They experienced their first big practical art session where they were trying out a whole range of skills using different media. The children experimented with painting, printing and collage techniques. It was very messy but great fun! Next week we will be choosing which of the techniques to use on our imaginary journey artwork.


M4 continued with their swimming lessons and are making good progress. This week we continued practising our arm strokes and breathing techniques.