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Week 9 - 19th June

This week is called "Science in Sports" week, and everything we have done has been related to Science and Sports. 


We did two different experiments, one was across the whole Federation, and the other one was only done in M3. 


The first experiment was called "How do our eyes affect our performance in sports?" and it consisted in doing three different tasks with both eyes open, and then do the tasks with left eye open and right eye open, alternatively. We recorded the results and made a chart with all the data. After recording the results, we answered different questions, such as "Which activity got the highest score?" "Which eye got the highest score?". We also tried to decide if it had been a fair test and which were the obstacles we found. 


On Wedenesday, we had Sports Day, and we celebrated many different activities, and a picnic with parents. It was really warm outside! 


On Thursday and Friday we worked on another experiment, this one about sports clothing. We looked at the features of different materials, and how they reacted to water and stretch. We then designed a sports outfit for Miss Williams, using the best materials. 


It was a really interesting week!