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Week 9 - 7th November

In English this week, we used Roald Dahl’s Esio Trot as a stimulus to develop our written dialogue. We looked at two different forms of speech, direct and reported. We read conversations between the two characters, Mrs Silver and Mr Hoppy, and then used role play to create our own. Once we had used role play, we thought about how to add personality to our characters, thinking about how they spoke and what they said. At the end of the week, we looked at interrupted speech and tried different ways of including this in our conversations.


Next week, we will continue using Esio Trot as a stimulus to develop our grammar.


This week in Maths, our focus was on written methods for division. We spent time developing our understanding and application of the different methods and discussed how to make the methods as efficient as possible.


Next week, our focus will be fractions, in particular ordering fractions, equivalent fractions and using the four operations with fractions.


In Science, we continued our work on classification by studying plant classification. We started by collecting a variety of leaves and then classified them using their distinguishing features. We recorded our findings in a table and then use this information to create a branching diagram.

In P.E., we began our new unit on curling. As we’ve yet to build an ice rink(!), this is played in the hall using curling stones with ball bearings on the bottom. We looked at the basic skills used in curling and thought about how to implement the three Cs (control, co-ordination, co-operation).


In Geography, we began our new unit which focuses on locations of countries within the world, their key geographical features and their differences. By the end of this unit, each child will create a geography based game, like trivial pursuit for example, which allows them to show us their understanding of the country in a variety of different ways. This week, we looked at the location of different countries in the world and used atlases to help us label them on a map.