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Week 9 - W/E 10th March

This week in English, we have been writing our non-chronological reports. We had to think back to our work at the start of the year and remember what the features of a non-chronological report are. We used our research from our History lessons to write about three interesting areas of Roman history.


We have started using out new spelling scheme; Read Write Inc. and are getting used to a whole range of new activities. On Friday we worked in teams to select and practise a group of words. Our groups worked really well together.


In History this week, we have been learning about Roman baths. We found out lots of interesting facts about Roman baths such as how they would use it as an opportunity to socialise and conduct business. Some of the things we found out were a little strange and very different to our lives today! Did you know that the Romans would use the Palaestra (open courtyard) to do their exercise before using the baths? Did you know that they had a caldarium (like a Jacuzzi!) and a frigidarium (which was really cold!) and that they could even get massages from slaves whilst at the baths?

We also learnt about some of the strange foods that rich Romans ate. Some of the strangest foods were flamingo’s brain, rotten fish guts and camels’ feet! We wrote an invitation, inviting someone to our Roman dinner and included some of these strange foods in them. We also learnt that Romans who were poor had food such as bread, eggs and cheese which we thought sounded much nicer!


In Maths, we have been using bar models to help us to solve problems. For example:

Leo buys 3 chocolate bars. Each bar costs 43p. He also buys a packet of mints that cost 25p. How much does he spend altogether?

Picture 1

We used our multiplication skills and knowledge to help us solve problems where we needed to work logically and record what we were doing clearly. Some of the problems were quite challenging but we persevered.


On Tuesday, half of Year 4 went to Queens’ School for the final of the local Athletics Tournament. We tried really hard. The boys came 6th and the girls 4th.

The other half of the year group continued with the Roman theme at school and produced some mosaic-effect art work using a mixed media resist technique. We used white chalk to draw a design and then filled in the shapes between using wax crayons. Finally, we painted over the whole design using Brusho dyes.


We carried out another art activity on Friday afternoon, once again linked to mosaics. This time, we had a more traditional approach. We worked with a partner to create a pattern using 2cm squares. It was quite fiddly and a few of us ended up with paper squares stuck to us!!