20th January

Keep Calm and Carry On!


We were transported to a by gone era, where WWII dramatically changed life here in Bushey.  Our evacuees made their way to the 1940's experience,at the Lincolnsfield centre, which allowed them to fully immerse themselves into life during the WWII.  It was inredibly fascinating to discover, that the actual site was home to the US 8th Army Air Force Fighter Command Headquarters during the war.  It felt quite poignant to be walking in the footsteps of those who helped to fight for our freedom...

The children had a fabulous time in the school house, learning lots about the history of the war - I gained a huge amount of knowledge about classroom behaviour, which I am hoping to implement next week.  Air raid sirens permeated rang out warnings and the air raid shelters offered us respite from the bombs.  Unexploded bombs from the secon world ward continue to be found in the local area and the children thoroughly enjoyed putting out the insendiary bombs, which threatened to destroy towns and cities.  

The spirit of the war was to come together and Dig for Victory, (the home front effort) and especially the role of women, who stepped up to train for jobs such as mechanics, has to be celebrated.  Our commonwealth counterparts, also featured heavily throughout this tribute.  The children were in awe of what people were prepared to do and the conditions they were forced to live through - rationing was just one example of this.

The children were exemplary in their conduct, throughout the day, and I hope they have shared their enjoyment of this experience with you.



Mothers: Send them out of London

I will add more photos of the trip next week.I am awaiting for some copies. Thanks for your patience.