27th January

A bit of perspective.  Perspective has been our point of focus this week and the children have very much enjoyed exploring this concept.  We started with drawing a square, an horizon and a vanishing point and from this the children were able to draw a cube.  They were amazed with the results.  From this simple, yet effective technique, we began to draw and create a city landscape out of cubes. We will continue to develop this skill over the next few weeks, so that we can eventually showcase to you our blitz art.  

As you know, art was very much a whole school event this week and we were privileged to be able to work with Andrew Wayne on the school mosaic designs.  The children learnt how to apply the adhesive materials carefully, so that the ceramic segments of the tiles could be carefully placed, in order to bring the designs for our school houses, Fire, Earth, Air and Water alive.  The final pieces are stunning and despite being in Water house, I have to say the Fire design looks pretty awesome. We can't wait to showcase the final pieces to our families.

Fabulous fraction work took place too and I am beyond proud of the children for all their hard work in Maths this week.