30 Days Wild

30 Days Wild


I have signed us up for the 30 days Wild Challenge!  It doesn't start until June, but with all the fabulous weather we are having, I think we could start doing some of the activities now.  Being outside is great for our wellbeing, especially at this incredibly difficult and challenging time, because it helps our endorphins to get moving and helps us to feel better.  Learning outside is an incredible experience and I hope you enjoy getting 'Wild!'

30 Day Wild Window Poster

The wall chart allows you to record all your 'wild!' activities. You can print it off or you can simply record what you did in your text book.

When you are out on a walk, this is an opportunity to see what 'wild!' things you can find.  I have attached a Bingo sheet so we can see how many of these things can you spot on your 30 Days Wild adventures? Simply cross off each box as you spot them. Let's make it a competition, the first to get a line wins, or go for a full house!


Maybe you can take a photo, so you can do some sketches of all the fabulous wild things you find.  I can't wait to hear all about what you find, whilst out on your walks and I can't wait to see your art work!