6th January

Happy New Year!!  2020 is certainly going to be a big year for your children and we hope to make their last few months with us a memorable one.  We have spent some of our time this week, considering the journey the children will be making this year and the New Year's resolutions they can put into place now, to try and ensure the rest of their time with us is a happy and successful one.  Please talk to your children about their New Year's Resolution and how they will endeavour to keep it!

Keep Calm and Carry On!  We have started a new book in English - 'Letters From The Lighthouse' by Emma Carroll, which is an adventure story based on the events of WWII.  The children will be rewriting their own version of Chapter 1. which explore life during the blitz.  This links beautifully to history, where we are learning about WWII - with a specific focus on life during the blitz locally and the subsequent life of evacuees.  We are planning on taking the children to the local WWII experience - details to follow shortly!

Fractions, fractions, fractions for Maths.  What can your children teach you about fractions?  Ask them and get them to show you what we have been doing...20/20 what other fraction is equivalent to this?  Answers on a postcard to Mrs Terry in B6.