Artist Study - Graham Sutherland / Blitz Art

Artist Study


In school, we have been studying how to create our own Blitz Art by using chalk pastels and 3D Perspective. For your ‘learning from home’ task, we would like you to investigate the Blitz artist Graham Sutherland, whose artwork produced during WWII is still displayed in the Tate Gallery.

An Artist study is a little bit like a non-chronological report; you will need to research Sutherland’s personal life, his career in art, and explore the techniques/materials he preferred to use. You may wish to have a go at the techniques or materials yourself (if you have access to these) and give examples within your work. Examples are shown separately.

You may want to consider the following layout (not all steps need to be included, they are just ideas!):

  1. Title (artist’s name) and dates of birth and death.
  2. Short biography of the artist (information about his life in your own words)
  3. Find and print/copy examples of his work that you think relevant to the project.
  4. Copy pieces of his work, in appropriate media where possible.
  5. Analyse one of his artworks (perhaps the one shown above). What atmosphere do you think he was trying to create? Is it effective? Do you like the piece of artwork? Why/why not? What have you learnt from studying this artist?


Good luck! And remember to send photos of your final pieces to Mrs Terry and Miss Gregory on the twitter and/or the email pages.

Image of 'Devestation, 1941: An East End Street', by Graham Sutherland

Examples of Artist Studies