Autumn 2 Week 1

Autumn 2 started with excitement as we arrived Monday morning to discover that a visitor had been into the Year 4 corridor! The classrooms were cordoned off and there were metal objects everywhere. Furthermore, chairs had been knocked over and tables had been shoved out of the way… we had a big task ahead of us to investigate who on Earth had been in! From close inspection and investigation, we decided that perhaps our visitor was not from this Earth at all; further deduction brought us to the conclusion that it was definitely a figure that had a close affiliation to metal! By Tuesday, Miss Gregory informed is that it was the Iron Man (from the well-loved children’s book of the same name, by Ted Hughes) who had trampled through the school and that was fortunate because he is our focus for this half term! What a coincidence! The rest of the week was then spent looking at the first chapter of the book. We have spent a lot of time think about the sheer size of the Iron Man and how big each of his body parts are. It took several children to create an outline of one of the Iron Man’s hands. This led us on to thinking about what descriptive language we could use to get a true picture of this magnificent being’s silhouette.

During the week we also wrote acrostic poems based on foods that are harvested at this time of year. Some of us were lucky enough to perform our poems in the Harvest Assemblies on Friday. We really enjoyed getting into the spirit of the festival. In PE we started our new topic of Badminton and we spent the rest of the time completing our ICT and Science work from last half term.

Next week, we will be delving deeper into the Iron Man tale and beginning our work on column addition, using resources to support and show our understanding. We are also looking forward to the St Albans Abbey visit and a top secret event involving metal, that is happening in December. Watch this space!