Autumn 2 Week 2

Two special mentions this week! Firstly, well done to Leo who was given the opportunity to have hot chocolate with Miss Fiddler for all of his hard work and effort over the last week. He definitely deserved it. Secondly, welcome to Miriam who joined M4 on Monday. We have been excited to have a new member to our little team and we hope she feels settled already!

This week we have been preparing for the Speed Stacking competition that is being held at Queen's School in a couple of weeks. We have also been polishing off our singing voices in preparation to our trip to St Albans Cathedral. Furthermore, we have carried out a science investigation, looking at different materials and how we can group them. Finally, we have continued our work in English on the Iron Man and column addition/subtraction in Maths. Next week will continue in a similar vein. Miss Gregory is looking forward to meeting lots of parents at Parent's Evening on Wednesday and Thursday.