Autumn 2 Week 3

We are all feeling very proud of ourselves following our reports from parents evening. We hope that the parents who could make the meetings were impressed with our work and recognised all the effort we have been putting into our learning. Miss Gregory was beaming with pride as well!

This week's photos are images from the very dramatic eye witness interviews that the class recorded. We heard that the Iron Man was having a battle on a large scale with a space being, so this allowed us to infer character feeling and emotion by pretending we were witnessing the event and reporting back to a local news channel. We also created head lines and written reports of the strange sighting of the bright red star that turned out to be the Space-Bat-Angel-Dragon! We are nearing the end of this incredible story and are very excited to see how it ends.

We have started our Geography work today. We have researched information about the layers of the atmosphere and next week will be considering how humans are having an impact on the world around us. We will also be considering the effect of recycling and what we can do to help the Environment. Next week we are also entering the Speed Stacking competition and singing at St Albans cathedral. What an exciting week we will have!