Day Four


Today brought us a welcome break from the rain at last though the sun still struggled to break through the clouds. As predicted, the children were all exhausted last night and had a good rest so they were ready for another busy day of activities!
Once again, groups enjoyed a range of muddy and not so muddy sessions inside and out. One of the highlights was raft building which involved the children building a raft as a team with plastic barrels, logs and rope. How long could they stay on it and not fall in the lake?! That question was answered fairly quickly and inevitably involved falling one after the other in the water. Luckily the weather helped in making this a more enjoyable experience!
Other exciting sessions included abseiling from a 12 metre high tower. That first moment of trusting the rope was incredibly tricky but it was great to see so many of us facing the challenge head on! 
Trapeze also involved a leap of faith when jumping into the air to grab a metal bar which seemed to be very far away. Despite the mounting fear, we all jumped and it was fantastic to see the children encouraging each other.
In more 'leisurely' sessions, we learned about the 'en garde' position in fencing and challenged each other to a duel! Though the masks were hot, we had good control of the foils and enjoyed using our gloves to storm up to someone, slap their masks and with our loudest voices, shout out 'I challenge you to a duel!'
Tonight is...disco night!! We will all be wearing our best clothes (the ones that aren't yet muddy that is!)  and taking to the dance floor to enjoy our last night in Torquay!